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A guide from Springer and Edanz on writing and publishing.

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Why publishing your work is important

Before you begin, it may be useful to remind yourself of why publishing your work is important. You might need to publish in order to graduate, get a job, or advance your career.

But first take a moment to think about two of the most important aims of scientists:

  • To add to the body of human knowledge
  • To help yourself and others understand the nature of the universe

You can’t accomplish these goals without publishing! After all, the main way that others learn about your work is through your published articles. If you don’t publish, other researchers can’t build on your work; it will be as if you never did the research.

In other words: Your research is NOT complete until it has been published.

How to Write and Publish Your Scientific Paper

Peer Review and How to Deal With It

How to Respond to Peer Review

How to Write and Submit a Journal Article
Average course completion time: 60 minutes
Structuring your Manuscript
  • Overview of IMRaD Structure
  • The Importance of Titles
  • Abstract and Keywords
  • Quiz 1
  • Introduction
  • Example
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Results Example
  • Quiz 2
  • Discussion and Conclusions
  • Discussion Example
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Quiz 3
Display Items
  • The importance of figures and tables
  • Display Items: A Multimedia Presentation
  • Tables
  • Figures
  • Quiz
  • Formatting your manuscript
  • Cover Letters: A Multimedia Presentation
  • Cover letters
  • Writing a Cover Letter: A Guide
  • Resources
  • Quiz
Peer Review
  • Introduction to Peer Review
  • Common Reasons for Rejection
  • Avoiding Rejection: A Multimedia Presentation
  • Revising your Paper & Responding to Reviewer Comments
  • Response Letters: A Multimedia Presentation
  • When to Submit to a Different Journal
  • Response Letter Practice
  • Quiz

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