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A guide from Springer and Edanz

What is open access?

Open Access (OA) publications are freely available online for anyone, anywhere, and at any time. In an OA model, all costs associated with the added value provided by publishers are covered up front. The content is delivered at no cost to the reader and without restrictions, expanding access to literally anyone with an Internet connection and an interest in a given topic. This is an especially salient point for authors of scientific content.

There are two routes to open access: the gold and green model.

Open Access - Background and Benefits
Average course completion time: 60 minutes
Open Access - Background and Benefits
  • What is green open access?
  • What is gold open access?
  • What is a fully or hybrid OA journal?
  • What is an article-processing charge (APC)?
  • Why do I need to pay when I publish open access?
  • Are open access publications available in print?
  • What are the benefits of publishing open access?
  • What is an open access mandate?
  • Is there any funding available for open access?
  • Are open access journals peer reviewed?
  • Are open access journals tracked for impact factors and are they indexed in bibliographic databases?
  • What is a Creative Commons license?
  • Who retains the copyright?
  • How to choose the right journal for your open access article
  • What open access options does Springer offer?
  • Quiz

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